Being spontaneous can take a lot of preparation….

Deciding to move to Germany was really the easy part. I’ve always wanted to live abroad, I don’t have any big responsibilities (like a lease or a pet) keeping me here, and of course being in Germany means getting to see Toby everyday. So the decision, while a big one, wasn’t one of the harder ones I’ve had to make. I basically just threw out the idea as a joke during a conversation we were having, and then I realized I really could just up and move to Germany.  Why not? The hard part was figuring out how I could legally stay in Germany for more than a couple of months. It took a lot of research, emails and calls to the German “Aliens” office to figure out the logistics. Thankfully Toby helped out a lot, and I think we finally have everything squared away so that I should get issued a residence permit after I arrive in Munich.


– At the top of an old castle during my first trip to Germany-

After figuring out the legal issues with my trip, I had to start tying up loose ends over here. I’ve spent the last month or so taking advantage of my health insurance and making the rounds at all the doctor’s offices. Add that in with all the shopping I just had to do (Toby may disagree…) and I feel like I’ve been spending more money than I’ve been saving!  With under a week to go, I think I’ve finally bought everything I need though, so now for the fun part- packing it all.

Everything I need for the next 105 days has to fit in two suitcases, one cheap duffle bag, and a roomy purse. I’ll be there from the end of summer through the beginning of winter, which means packing for three seasons- not an easy task! My room is currently a disaster, with suitcases and clothes scattered throughout. But hopefully by the end of this week I will manage to squeeze everything important in and be ready to start my journey! I can’t wait for all the preparation to finally pay off and to spend the next 105 days traveling around Europe with Toby, and learning how to speak German while in Munich!  And if I can find a job, hopefully my residence in Germany will turn into a more permanent living situation

Wish me luck!



About mcbrayerer

I'm a Appalachian State graduate, living in Munich, Germany. I love to travel, try new foods and drink endless amounts of coffee!
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5 Responses to Being spontaneous can take a lot of preparation….

  1. Karen Snyder says:

    I do wish you all the luck in the world, Stay in touch and keep up with the blog. You will love Germany! I know I did… If you get the chance to go to Austria it is a wonderful place as well.

  2. Jenna says:

    it BETTER NOT become a permanent residence. I will come over there and force you back to the States. I’ll do it.

    ps: i might be able to spend the last 5 weeks of my student teaching in Germany….hmmmm

    • mcbrayerer says:

      Instead of coming to drag me home you should just come visit me! And you should definitely try and study here, though you will have to learn to like sausage and cheese more if you want to properly enjoy Germany!

  3. Linda McBrayer says:

    While I miss you already, I’m excited for you and this fabulous adventure!!
    Love the blog- keep it up!

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