And so it begins….

So on August 25, after a fairly smooth flight, I arrived in Germany! No luggage was lost, no flight delayed, my only complaint was that there were no individual screens to watch old episodes of “How I Met Your Mother” on during the 7.5 hour flight. Apparently American Airlines has not updated all their international aircrafts, and their overhead movie selection was not so hot. But all’s well that ends well, and I ended up safely in Germany! After landing I got lunch with Toby and his family and then took a nap at our bungalow (a.k.a. our very petite apartment) . Then we headed out for a late dinner and found a cute Tapas place nearby. Toby ordered the most intense mojito I’ve ever seen- mint leaves everywhere- it was quite delicious. Then it was back to our bungalow for some much needed sleep.


On Monday we wandered around downtown Munich and then we got to meet up with our friends Jasemin and Maria, who were both in the city for the day. We got some lunch which consisted of white sausage (yum), pretzels and of course beer. All the food and beer made Jasemin and I a bit sleepy, so about 20 minutes after lunch we got some coffee at this lovely cafe, and ended up staying under the large umbrellas there until a bit of rain passed. Luckily the sun came out and we got to wander around the English Garden, which was beautiful and full of lots of people (and adorable dogs) enjoying the weather. Of course we had to take advantage of the good day drinking weather by stopping to grab another beer at a food stand in the garden (ok so I may have gotten water instead, I was still a little dehydrated from the flights). After enjoying the sunny weather we went our separate ways for a brief siesta.


Back at our bungalow we watched the 2nd season premiere of Newsroom (finally!) and I used google to hunt down a good sushi place in Munich. I found one called Sushi Cent not too far away, so we headed there to meet Jasemin and Maria. The restaurant turned out to be a pretty good choice, though I have yet to find a place anywhere that compares to my favorite sushi place in Hendersonville NC though- the search continues on!

Sadly we had to say a rushed goodbye at the metro, but hopefully Toby and I will get to make a trip up to visit Jasemin in the next few months!




About mcbrayerer

I'm a Appalachian State graduate, living in Munich, Germany. I love to travel, try new foods and drink endless amounts of coffee!
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2 Responses to And so it begins….

  1. Karen Snyder says:

    So Glad to hear you arrived safe and sound! I am sure you will love Germany… My stay in Munich is a favorite Memory!! Thanks for keeping in touch. Best thoughts and Prayers are with you always!!

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