Visiting the Happiest Place on Earth (aka Denmark)

I´ve always wanted to visit Denmark, ever since hearing about my mom´s time studying abroad there. Also, the Danes are known to be the happiest people on earth (see more on this here), and I was interested to see if I could get any insight as to why this was the case.

We arrived in the city in the evening so we didn´t get to do much that night, we just checked into our room (found via and grabbed a quick dinner.

On our first full day in Copenhagen we woke up early, got ready and walked to the metro from our host´s house. First stop was breakfast at a delicious traditional Danish cafe that had been recommended in a guide book. Everything looked amazing so I asked for a suggestion, I’m honestly don’t know what I ate but it was sweet and yummy, plus I got a fantastic cappuccino as well.
Everything looked amazing

Enjoying my treat by the canal

Enjoying my treat by the canal

The canals

The canals

Then we wandered around the Christianshavn district, which was built in the 17th century by Christian IV as part of his expansion of the fortifications of Copenhagen . The area has the most nautical atmosphere in the city, as there are many canals lined with beautiful ships and  houseboats.  Next we wandered into to Christiania, a self-proclaimed autonomous region, where pictures are unfortunately strictly prohibited, as drugs are openly sold and used. It was an interesting experience to say the least, the whole place smelled of pot, and there were lots of very intimidating looking dogs roaming around. However there were tourists and younger kids exploring the area too, so we felt fairly safe.

On the opposite side of this sign it says "You are now entering the EU"

On the opposite side of this sign it says “You are now entering the EU”

Next we made our way into the inner city area, passing Parliament and some other very official looking buildings, which of course I promptly forgot the names of. Here we decided to take a boat tour, which was great as it allowed us to see a lot of the city, all while sitting down and enoying a breeze from the water.

The Little Mermaid Statue

The Little Mermaid Statue

One of the main  canals

One of the main canals

After the tour we spent about an hour trying to find a semi affordable place for lunch, which is basically impossible in Copenhagen.  We finally found a cafe the guidebook suggested and ordered some food. Unfortunately it took almost 2 hours to get our food because no one put the order in the first time, and we weren´t aware of this.  We finally flagged down a waitress who realized the mistake and got our food. In America this probably would have gotten us a free meal, but as tourists in Copenhagen we just got an apology, oh well. We explored the city a bit more, taking a look at the Marble Church, which has the largest church dome in Scandinavia, and saw where the Danish royal family lives. Then it was back to our area of town for a relaxed dinner.

View of the Marble Church and Palaces from the boat

The Dome

The Dome

The Palaces of of Amalienborg

The Palaces of of Amalienborg


A nice couple from Texas took this for us

Day two in Copenhagen started off on a mission to find a well known bakery that makes fabulous cinnamon rolls each Wednesday. We found it pretty easily and got two large cinnamon rolls to go (plus a cappuccino for me of course). We enjoyed our breakfast at a lovely local park and then spent the next couple of hours exploring some more residential areas of the city.

The bakery supposedly sells about 4,000 of these each Wednesday

Then we grabbed a quick lunch at an Italian restaurant and headed back to catch our train to Gothenburg. Overall I enjoyed Copenhagen, it’s a very pretty city, it’s easy to get around, and it´s nice that almost everyone speaks great English. The only real downside is how expensive it is, I don’t think we got a single meal for under $30 , even at “cheap” cafes, and at one point Toby paid 6 euros for a glass of coke. Still it was definitely worth the trip, and I can understand why the Danes are such happy people, as they seem to really enjoy the little things in life.


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