Three Days in Hamburg

Ever since I moved to Munich, people have been telling me that I would also love Hamburg. So a friend and I finally booked a trip to go awhile ago, and our trip ended up coinciding with perfect weather (which is not what Hamburg is known for).

IMG_8681 IMG_8738

After sampling a Franzbrötchen, this delicious local pastry, our first full day in Hamburg we started with what else- a free walking tour, The tour gave us a good overview, we saw the town center, the Speicherstadt (the largest warehouse district in the world) the very expensive Opera house and ended up at the harbor. The annual Hafengeburstag (Harbor Birthday) was going on the weekend we were there, so all along the water there were food and drink stands. We found a nice spot on a rooftop restaurant and enjoyed some local beer while watching a demonstration of a water rescue via helicopter

IMG_8657 IMG_8670 IMG_8673 IMG_8697

Then we grabbed a local dish, a meatball covered in fried egg, and relaxed until our second tour started. Tour number two was of the infamous red light district. We did a similar tour in Amsterdam, but Hamburg’s district is much larger and also a huge party area. The “people watching” on this tour was fascinating. Lots of bachelor and bacherlorette parties, motorcycle gangs, and groups of rubbering-necking tourists (like ourselves). The tour showed us some famous/infamous stomping grounds, and also delved into how the Beatles started in Hamburg, something I was not aware of.


Our second full day started with touring some of the large war ships parked in the harbor for the celebration. The technology on these ships is amazing. The weather was once again gorgeous, so we headed to this large promenade in the red light district that was filled with a mouth-watering collection of food trucks. These were probably the best food trucks I have experienced since moving to Germany. We sampled some arepas, empanadas and a nice selection of frozen cocktails, including a frozen blended mojito, which I would highly recommend.


Since apparently that wasn’t enough food, we got dinner at a delicious Lebanese restaurant around the corner from our Airbnb. Then it was back to the Harbor for the fireworks. The waterfront was packed, but we snagged a spot near the front and were rewarded with a beautiful display


Our final day started with a trip to the worlds largest Miniature museum. Even if toy trains and models aren’t your thing (they aren’t mine), the museum is worth an hour or two to walk through. The attention to detail is unbelievable, from planes “taking off”, to nudists bathing along the rivers and car accidents along the autobahn.

IMG_8857 IMG_8873

We finished off our trip with another visit to the food trucks, since there was still so much we hadn’t sampled. This time we enjoyed a burger, a topping-heavy hotdog and Bangerlicious (a version of Poutine in Germany).

IMG_8887 IMG_8886

Hamburg is a beautiful city, and it’s so nice to be on the water, but I have yet to find a German city that I love as much as Munich. So it’s back to Bavaria I go 🙂


About mcbrayerer

I'm a Appalachian State graduate, living in Munich, Germany. I love to travel, try new foods and drink endless amounts of coffee!
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